The 2020 Leading Men

20+ chefs will participate in the 2020 Leading Men Who Cook Drive-Thru Extravaganza. They are creating a delicious meal guests pre-order and pick up through our makeshift parking lot “drive-thru.” Their goal is to raise money for LEAD Inc. and their own favorite charity. They will be competing for the title of Champion Chef, awarded to the chef raising the most tips for their charity.

Our chefs are leaders in the community in big ways and small--whether it is in a public role or behind the scenes leading by example. Most actually enjoy cooking and make incredible food, as you will soon taste! Others lend their name and have friends and family that help make their tasty dish. Each chef is donating their time and ingredients. All chefs have an online tip jar open now through November 7th. The community is encouraged to help each chef fill their tip jar. All funds are passed directly to the charity by LEAD Inc.

When tipping, simply choose “2020 Leading Men Who Cook Tip Jars” then a drop down box will appear. Select your choice and enter the tip amount. To tip more than one chef just click “Add Donation” and you can support as many as you like.

The Chefs